Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Body source of power, of water, might and soundness is an intangible light from within.
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories
Jan. 10, 2017  

We have a lot of profound elements to weigh and consider as terrorist thought processes at work within the mindset and tradition of Europeans has dragged the entire world into a ghostly, and terrifying state of affairs with their fundamental contempt for women and the essence of the feminine. Feminine energy and water are linked as the essences men need to live, and the Earth, our Mother needs to nurture all of us and teach us from this source that holds all memories, and deep stirring truths! We will never have this analysis as a nation because as individuals we think like whites taught us with our heads believing their concepts are the only way to resolve problems created by a mentality interested only in the acquisition of things and power over Nature.

As long as we insist land and water are property and do not yet know that the heart is the seat of knowledge and the mind isn't we are destined to follow along the lines Europe drew and shaped for the rest of us to follow. It won't be long before the prophecies we love to quote become reality because we believe prophecies are fixated events about to happen. They are and they are not. The power of prophecy is in the words. Words start the process to become prophecy. It is the word that changes the momentum of events moving with and from the energies of original intent that can be changed at any point intent changes creating its own force, and will and momentum. Not understanding these things we are doomed to a predictable outcome enslaved and terrified of telling the truth to the powers of the whites and their corporations and political structures running our lives, molding our religions and understanding of our natures. ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Jan. 10, 2017 

2 lovers fluid in motion.
photographer unknown. anyone know let me know.

Naked Black woman cloaked in gray light.

bathing in serenity cares for the soul. The older your soul, the older you get the better the cleanse of water.

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