Friday, July 28, 2017

Critique of US!

The below screenshot is a post I wrote on my personal Facebook page Monday evening after being around a lot of inflated ego amped up NYPD officers all day on the fourth.

One white male officer got snippy with me (as I wore my one year son in my baby carrier) as he asked for my ID to prove I lived in my father's building which is on a Manhattan street that was closed off for July 4th fireworks. I... know a white woman, especially one holding a baby, would never be spoken to in the condescending and quick to escalate tone this white officer spoke to me in. All I could say as my husband, son and I headed into my building was, "We need to get back to Namibia."

As my visit home nears a close and I return to Namibia next week, I really don't even know if encouraging you all to 'be safe' is appropriate or even feasible. And I genuinely don't want to mock those of you who have to remain in the States, but I wish you strength and a spirit of urgent mobilization.

RIP Alton Sterling (author unnamed) 

African American woman's reaction to the return to the States.

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