Thursday, July 27, 2017

from the deep places of two.

Sacred Geometry - Creation in Space Time I 

"The questions here should not be so much the future as the present and how prepared one should be, to truly reconnect to the soul, and then remember to the much larger degree what needs to be done.

"First and foremost the soul has free will and choice, It is the choices made in any given moment, which determine the future. In the here and now, where the planet has already been reborn, and humanity have to step up into the 5th dimensional state, those who cannot do that will... leave the planet, for their physical bodies will not be able to hold form anymore. So at this crucial time, it is of essence to step into the full soul powers and the LIVE it, for in truth the future is not there yet, but the here and now is already the future."

(Extract from a Soul Reading I did)
(Judith Kusel) 

Spider web made lives on the hedges on Cuyamaca in Santee.
photo taken by Gail Ann Hoover during a walk with her granddaughter, July 2017.

My friend, Mereana Taki, today spoke these words:

"No chronically patriarchal power system has evolved to value the Agency and Autonomous power that is a Woman singularly or as a power bloc; as a civilisation of her own Nature or indeed as a 'novelty'. Wholeness is essentialised as BOTH feminine and masculine intersectionality dialectically reflecting the inner workings of the quantum Youniverse. Just as masculine energy is edited, recalculated, reconfigured and amplified or reduced by feminine energy source fields, it is a concentric duality of ebb and flow into balance/disbalance and rebalancing."

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