Thursday, August 18, 2016

a woman to her man...

am i asking too much ,to share intimacy sexuality and love with the man i desire - on a 1-1, i want to explore him and i want him to explore me - i want him to pleasure me opening my fire , to quench my thirst for us having great penetrative sex raw uncut - creative primeval - open expression of my sexuality by being with him
the lioness wants her lion - to lie with her , caressing her body , kissing
her lips ,
open her with raw uncontrollable emotions
see the wetness of her lips drip
lick her
she bows down to her lion asking him to light his fire inside her - to make the heat intense unbearable
as she moans ...

From my upcoming book, Ruqayya Daville
August 18, 2012

naked lovers in water from Ruqayya Daville's gallery 2012


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