Monday, August 15, 2016

IN the Art of our Masculinity

Paparatzi Keith's story of the invisible thread. . .

The wonder of it all is in the doing, the performance.
What is that like?

Black women in a series of categories are intriguing on an obvious level, but what do thousands of women need to sustain their version of womanhood exposing their mysteries at an elementary level to an unseen audience online, or on television as porn actresses? In short, posing naked in a variety of compromising positions with a variety of men, or with themselves and a photographer does what for the soul of the men they love, or want to love as a woman? Even shorter, being a sex object for many women is a goal, or an expression of what they feel inside is unique and beautiful to feel and thus the justification for revealing their hirsute secret place. Or if the form of their bodies cannot afford plastic surgeries or desires alteration what is being said, or judged by these women of those who panic and can afford to alter their bodies on a surgeon's table? In less fluid language is there a struggle of the ideals of womanhood between women in porn, and women wealthy, vain or desperate enough to alter their bodies and fix their faces into a permanent moment in time?

Perhaps the authors of these confusions are men, what we believe and practice and have forced upon women in Western societies? Well, as African and Native American men that leads to speculation and conclusions drawn in the study of Western civilizations we all fall under at the end of the wars to conquer us on our lands.

Sex appeal translates itself according to the sexual temperament of the viewer and the object. The maturity and spirituality of the observer can translate into something beyond voyeurism, and a feverish horny nature that can see, and speaks to the spirit of femininity, stroll along the mysterious passages into the capacity to exceed carnality, and the entertaining poetry of beautiful sex actions that generate, or stimulate the higher parts of our cerebral cortex.

Let us look at truth and the truth of the matter around sex. Truth, like a lot of things, can stay underwater longer than you or I can hold our breath. So, this is a dare to our spirit and as men a dare to how we see ourselves when we look at pictures of naked women. What comes to the surface when we do is a series of truths unfolding. Our silent recollections of those memories are mirrors and lie they do not because women reflect us, and they know how to measure our assessment of them by how safe they are, and feel around us.

In the art of our masculinity our ancestors know us by our spiritual linen. We wear that linen. They can see it. It forms the basis of their assessments and judgments of us. If we cannot get along with our elemental truths stirred by a woman's naked body we can never get past the judgment we heap upon ourselves in our inability to teach our young men how to behave, perceive and talk to the women of their lives, who include many thousands they will see, but never talk with. In the end our assessment of ourselves determines the future and the future of women throughout the world! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.17.14

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