Thursday, August 4, 2016

How One Finds Herself in Water.

Potomac River, Washington DC by Gail Dickert 2016 August.

I went to the river to find some solace and observed how the driftwood and trees/roots take a beating from the water and debris. The amount of glass in the Potomac is shameful. We live on a planet that is ravaged by carelessness literally but also emotionally.

I found myself first as the littered sands, the cluttered shore - the sadness of feeling taken advantage of came over me in small waves of tears...

Until I saw how butterflies still visit, smaller trees and plants still... press through... and turtles still pop up to say hello.

This planet is full of emotional litter and garbage energy, yet we can be the smoother stumps and the eager butterflies. We can be the curious turtle or the watchful Osprey.

We don't have to let the energy of others turn our hearts to glass shreds and plastic pieces.

I will never let this world make a stone wall out of my soul.
I still fall apart in the face of carelessness because I am whole.
I still smile in the face of hate because I have no reason to fear.
I breathe because the river still flows...
In all seasons and in all storms, I will only get smoother...

Namaste, Potomac.

Gail Dickert

Potomac River, Washington DC by Gail Dickert (August 2016)

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