Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An Act of Power

a Black woman in a beauty salon by Ray Pitts !!!!

Rebecca Rosé by Kerry Baleka above the fray. 2016

Pretending to be coy is as complex an act of seduction as intentionally seducing. How it is played is through the tension desire and need play with sexual energies.

With fondness looking back upon the life I led it is different than the memories of men I know who took advantage of every woman's advances. I had a code not to brag about but to try living up to.

It was extremely difficult at times without guidance from a wise Elder, but with the counsel and examples of men like my father and a couple of holy men I gained insights I am proud of, pleased with and stirred by. The most provocative women of substance beckoned and summoned me. I had many adventures of the soul. Whores came and beckoned. I refused them, but invited them into a realm none had experienced in their lives, and some transformed became themselves for a time.

Beyond this opening of my soul on this subject I will remain silent. One cannot feed meat to an infant, a child. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 8.8.16

Semoura Clark (1913)

Mrs. Ye's body at 50 from behind. (2016)

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