Saturday, August 20, 2016

CAN see

Penthouse Pet of the Month for December 2008 = Tori Black

Tori Black in glasses 

Black woman's penetration into mysteries of the eyes is a reversal of a trend to not look into the eyes. Not looking is a predator trait honed by men, not animals, or beasts of the field. The one thing required of a woman in the business of restoring balance and order to prostitute's lives is terrifying to the men, the 'johns' who buy them. Caught in a sting the police bring all kinds of men out who buy women for quick sex. I personally know one woman who works with prostitutes who want out of the 'life'. Her program is 18 months long. The courts require the johns to participate in this process. The men can only endure one day and that one day requires them to look into the eyes of the prostitute to see the woman in there. They can only and barely do one days session. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 3.14.15 

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