Saturday, August 13, 2016

Older Women: a call to.

Vapid look by danial gowns

April 16, 2013


There is that fashionable look that says nothing many ill-formed minds, and underdeveloped spirits believe show sophistication, but it is simply aloofness and aloofness is a defense. If one does not have substance developed parallel to who they are pretense is all that shows up. In time what isn't there and is there will become a source of embarrassment, or a thoughtful resource.
In light of that story who is going to do better by these young women? We are supposed to be a Christian nation. The Bible, in Paul's letters, admonishes older women to develop the young women. The Jewish tradition had planned development for their young and in the long run the nation was better for it. So is the tradition of initiation void because of fashion, or church tradition which condemned initiation as wrong and of the devil? - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 10.2.15

strong old woman carry a tree

exquisite beauty of an older woman 

"Gentle prayers in gentle or tense moments are not about stress, but release into the unseen worlds, and admittance into the hallowed halls of stilled motion." - Gregory E. Woods 2.18.14

"It is the beauty of older women the presence of youthful beauty is mirrored and reflected back with possibilities!" - Gregory E. Woods 6.11.14 

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