Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Be Active to Change

Defining Culture 

"This country's economic power was built & solidified through free labor and White supremacy. Every single Black person who has ever lived has encountered the residual fragments of this legacy. Every social, economic and political foundation in this country is based at least in part on the history of slavery. How are we supposed to shut the fuck up about it?" - NegusWhoRead (Nov. 30, 2016)

Charlize Theron was Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman of the Year choice for 2007.

"When Esquire named the sexiest woman in the world in 2007, they knew what they were up to. When they then decided to pay someone to take photos of her wearing nothing but an undershirt and a pair of panties, they must have had a stroke of genius. Showing off her fantastic figure in almost all of its glory, this image is definitely one that epitomizes everything that makes Charlize so sexy. Look at those glorious legs, that supple skin, her beautiful hair, and how striking the one eye we can make out is. This is the type of woman who served as the inspiration for the tales of yore. This is the type of woman men went to war for and woman wanted to be with. This is the type of woman that we knew we could no longer ignore and completely deserved to have a list like this one focused on her. Finally, that is the type of photo that absolutely demands to be placed in the top spot on a list like this one." ~ Matthew Thomas for Entertainment

Botswanan photographers capture the female form in nature ‘Women, Basadi’ photo series:

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