Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Depth to Spirit.

Kaitha Het Heru.
Kaitha Het Heru. The Master Peace Collection
Kaitha Het Heru at work in October 2012 creating with her loom.

Kaitha Het Heru's
"Manifestation of the Infinite Spirit. Hands: Skin. Fingers. Nails. Muscle. Bones. Veins. Blood."
Copyright 2010
Kaitha Het Heru
Photo by Kmur Hardeman 

"Left me without words. Takes the breath away thinking about her creation story." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 11.6.16
Kaitha Het Heru's Goddess Yemaya. Triptych. Bas-relief. Matte Glazes. Kiln Fired. 20x11-on half. The Master Piece Collection. A Woman's Work:My Art & My Textiles. (2010)

"Yemaya is the Yoruba Orisha, Mother Goddess of the Living Ocean, and The Mother of All Living Things.

I sculpted this piece as a triptych, which is a set of three panels, side by side. I carved the image of Yemaya as a mermaid with the full moon, ocean, star fish and rocks in bas-relief in which the figures project from the background. The Goddess Yemaya sculpture is perfect as a center piece for an altar. It can be hung or placed on an easel for support." - Kaitha Het Heru, August 24, 2016

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