Friday, November 11, 2016

IN Her Eyes She Was Naked


There is a language to care for within people. Not everyone has kept that language current or respectable enough to insure others care for them. Care is a commodity if you are selling appliances or a service in today's lexicon. But, care is from the Creator when "He/She Creation" from the dust of the Earth, our Mother created people. How we care and if we care at all determines Life as it comes to us and many times unbeknownst to us how we care can sway a suicidal thought into dark stagnant waters held by a weak and pained soul on the verge of suicide. Yes, care is a subtle energy heavy enough to float throughout the atmosphere alongside other energies that subtly influence thought and action. 
These are things that should arise in the presence of an unclothed woman. Women, no matter their state of being, ask for things they need. How you hear what is said tells on a man. "Am I safe?" "Is this safe?" are questions vulnerability asks a man's soul. No matter how hard a woman's soul is these questions never leave her state of mind. She wants to be safe. Do men keep women safe by their presence? Is it within our spirits an inclination to do so? Can we create safe space?
Women need sacred space, but that is an art form outside the 'knowing' of the cultures most live within! Creating safe space is a step that direction. ~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9/11/15

full body of  Rita Riley speaks language to care for.


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