Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Spirit from our Ancestors: a tribute.

Kaitha Het Heru.

Kaitha Het Heru, spiritual woman, craftswoman, daughter of Yemaya, I surmise by her work. If I am wrong I hope she corrects me. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories Nov. 6, 2016  

When first I came across her Facebook page I was struck by what was in her face, her eyes so compelling a light came unto me with these words:  "Deepened knowledge as wisdom is different from the accumulation of information. Beauty as a force within Nature and Beauty as a living force changing and evolving is a knowledge of self, of divinity that directs Life from formlessness to form. Women do this extremely well if they know how...." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories Nov. 5, 2016 

Kaitha Het Heru. The Master Peace Collection. A Woman's Work: My Art and My Textiles. One-of-a-kind, limited edition: 

Kaitha Het Heru's art titled Ra Rising, a 5x7 in. piece. Hudson River Needle Felt Pastel series from The Master Peace Collection (2015)

Kaitha Het Heru's hand woven with hand dyed, hand painted silk, cotton fabrics. Machine embroidery. Titled Fiber Art Quilt. (2009). photo by artist.


QKingdom Ministries Woman of Great Esteem Award for Religion and Culture.
Harlem Arts Alliance Rockefeller Grant.

Cooper Hewitt Museum 20th Century Afrakan American Textile Artist.
Smai Tawi Wep Renput Celebration 2001

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