Thursday, November 17, 2016

language IN THE FACE

 Cosetta Chantal's face

Into the face goes the experiences and the quests. Promise comes with each face, and fulfillment is the seat of maturity and old age is the testament in that order. From the face are the teachings of a lifetime and lifetimes telling the stories of bloodlines echoed where ancestors live, not as before but as they are meant to live in elder wisdom, or the perpetual fog of questioning.

Childbearing women hold a stature. It is in their eyes. It is in their essence. Coveted by the densest of dark elements within a certain type of men women's powers have been shamed, stolen, exalted and denounced in many a human breath over centuries of cultural imbalances. How resilience leaves impressions within women's spirit bodies talks to the meaning of Life. Transformed into sensual energies it becomes a force of Nature within our masculine nature. 

That is how it comes to me in language. In spirit the feeling of it is the hush of reverence and the touch of gentle force to be afraid of, cherished and fathomed by the spirit body I have. These things deepen masculinity. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.11.15

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