Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pull of Power (true power)

  1. Many of us are attempting to do sacred work in places and spaces peopled by Spiritually traumatised bodies. Many do not realise they are critically Soul injured and are fast becoming terminally ill from loss of Spirit Light and Spiritual connection. Many of these humans are bedecked with lives of unholy distraction and no longer live in the Light of their own Soul Oracle they were born as. One day ... the Light calls." - Mereana Taki Oct. 12, 2016 

"Interesting thing about power is the same thing about freedom: its denials. Unless the public speaks truth to power and gains insight into the deep part of self to see where each of us fits in the circle we are prisoners of other people's agenda who don't necessarily 'see' us, or care. In other words, if you speak about freedom exercise it the way you (dog owners) do your dogs. If you want to be a powerful nation know what you need to know to be a global citizen..." -

Gregory E. Woods, (Dawn Wolf)
Keeper of Stories January 21, 2013

"Universal Love for fellow human beings includes staying the hand of their executioners in this life time." - Mereana Taki

comb called a Heru, carved wooden hair Comb vested with Spiritual energy
worn by both Males and Females from the traditions of the Maori people.

"This is called a Heru (a carved wooden hair Comb vested with Spiritual energy worn by both Males and Females) ... it is a considered a sacred comb as the head is identified as supremely 'tapu' of the highest spiritual significance and primary conduit of inter connective intelligence with Source energy/Creator/IoMatua/Aio Wairua.

Hair thus is included in this inner standing whose genetic influences is shared across space and time with Ancients and Ancestors to Gods, People and Omniverse. A comb worn by a pregnant Woman is said to be vested with her Spiritual energies and is thus used to 'read' the Child's developing proclivities by tracing the events of her pregnancy at the full Moon with Elders. As this chart develops, a Child's strengths and gift influences are recorded and adjustments undertaken to strengthen the Child's emerging Spiritual uniqueness. 

The best foods for the health of the womb and gestating Child are providing to strengthen the positive aspects. The Heru is used thus as a diviner and Prophetic fetish of the Mother in context of extending Kin and Elders to support the new life." - Ngaronoa Mereana Taki  

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