Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mistress of Yoni

naked dance of Flora & Mike 8

Sacred Flower

There are a series of questions a woman presents to a man she offers herself to. Most men don't hear them, are incapable of listening to the signs of distress women have within them and worse of all there are many who don't give a damn! Every man is measured by women. Each woman who is 'taken', and each woman who gives herself to a man measures the motive, the manner and the man. For many women the idea of themselves as sacred beings is inconceivable if every man who left seed within her does not and cannot see what is divine within her worth. It is a helluva paradox the powers of perception and the way we accept our roles. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (11.6.15)

Sacred Moment in Time for her . . .

Yoni magic egg held by Maat Petrova who uses them.

This is the little @yonimagiceggs trickster I discovered two incredible things with and further confirmed a third.

•1. This was the little medium size yoni egg I used when I realized I went down a size from large to medium after working those yoni twerks with my large crystal eggs.

•2. I wasn't sure what crystal it was. But I inserted it anyway. That day I took a nap. Had a dream a friend I ...havent spoken too in a while just moved out of her husband's home and left him. I call her to tell her the dream, as I know dreams are significant. She tells me, "wow.. yes I am actually looking for a place now to move out. We decided to move on."
I Google the colors of the crystal and found out it was a bloodstone and one of its strongest properties are inducing dream clairvoyance.

 I was in awe to find this out after it had shown and proven its powers while inside of me.

•3. It confirmed yet again the general powers of all gemstone crystals as it has happened to me in different ways for other yoni egg crystals. That's why they're magic! 💕 Get your magic crystal at link in profile.


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