Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To Be Relevant.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1953.

María Félix, on set, was a famous Mexican actress mid-20th century.

When Reconstruction ended, southern legislators enacted laws segregating public spaces. "Jim Crow" laws, as they were known, enforced racial discrimination and a tradition of legal and extralegal violence that terrorized African-Americans throughout the South. This photograph from November 16, 1961, shows a “White only” laundromat in Tallahassee. by Peter U. Cole, photographer

Whites Only laundromat in Tallahassee, Tennessee. Nov. 16, 1961. Nigger please! is what it meant.

Alfre Woodard has been nominated once for an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, 17 times for an Emmy Award (winning 4), and has also won a Golden Globe & 3 SAG Awards. She gave a moving performance as a struggling Black mother in the innovative television series, Hill Street Blues, in the early 1980's, that moved the entire country. From there she was catapulted to better roles, and stardom. She has been my Hollywood heartthrob ever since. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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