Monday, November 21, 2016

Her Red Road Walk

When I walk, I remember the moments that add up to my life.
When I walk, I see everything, but I focus on the beauty that still wasn't destroyed by human hand and I thank you. 

When I walk, I'm smiling because there's so much that fills my heart with gratitude and beauty. The clouds of sadness they tend to disappear. 

When I walk, I'm aware of how important that we believe and know how insignificant we are with our struggles. The Earth will still be around and purificandose in itself, that's why I let her equally or more clean than it is to my step, consumption, less consumption more natural, but.... no one take my chocolate

(Mischa Little Bear, 2016)

Little Bear (Mischa), 2016.

Cuando camino, recuerdo los instantes que suman mi vida.
Cuando camino, veo todo, pero me centro en la belleza que aún no fue destruída por mano humana y doy las gracias.

Cuando camino, sonrío porque hay tanto que llena mi corazón de gratitud y belleza. Las nubes de tristeza tienden por desaparecer.

Cuando camino, estoy consciente de lo importante que nos creemos y sé lo insignificantes que somos con nuestras luchas. La tierra seguirá rondando y purificandose en sí misma, por eso, procuro dejarla igual o más limpia de lo que esta a mi paso, consumo menos, consumo más natural, pero....que nadie me quite mi chocolate.

Little Bear is a Cherokee woman living in Valencia, Spain. She introduced me (via cyberspace) to a vibrant Native community in Spain. Years ago, I was shocked. I had not considered such a thing possible, but we are resilient people known for wandering. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories Nov. 21, 2016

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