Tuesday, November 8, 2016

the Mysterious of Self

Yara has a gentle beauty to be held. 3

Tiara Kristine Harris - Self Erotic

Self Erotic

 "I finally ran across words that describe what I have felt, but I couldn't really explain about my sexual energy and actual sex. It baffles people that I Am so Sexual yet sex isn't /hasn't ever been that big of a deal to me. I don't typically get "horny" and I am only aroused or open to sex when there is a purposeful connection or experience necessary for me. For some reason I haven't had physical sexual intercourse in almost three years; yet I Am always in my Sexual Energy..." - Tiara Kristine Harris, transformative healer April 20, 2015

Tiara Kristine Harris naked and unadorned.


 "The Shaman is self-erotic, in love with her own Body and with the Body of Earth. She heats herself burning off the dross centering herself in her own luminosity. She radiates well-being and self-confidence. Her leadership emerges out of a passion for life and is sustained by balance." - Tiara Kristine Harris April 20, 2015 

Miss Beretta by John Austin in a man's shirt !!!!

portrait of a Southern woman on her porch.


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