Sunday, May 7, 2017

5 views of one Standard.

Gregory E. Woods by Wesley Boyd at 20th Million Man March celebration in Washington DC in sacred circle set up & protected by a warrior society in red shirts. (October 2015)

"Because of my bloodlines and who I am in the real worlds I live in some people, in person, have asked me about the images of white women on my blogs. They never ask about any other ethnic group. It is the white women that draws the speculation. The question is why and the answer is plural."

Over the years the profound impact of the image of white women becomes more powerful. Of particular importance is the notion of measuring, superiority, and fear of who she is and what powers she represents. White men believe complicated versions of their women are not to be examined but accepted. It is part of conquest. If the white man could turn Jesus white, and Christianity into a Western religion who is going to argue against the idea that white women are whom our women should measure themselves?

"Do white women have spiritual qualities to measure against? Have they ever in history?"

That is a seldom asked question in public, and when answered by women of melanin it is done in silence because a significant number of their men respond to white women in a fashion that invites the anger of their women, or the admiration of their male friends, if sexual conquest is the measuring stick of masculinity and radical politics.

"Do white women have what is superior to other women?"

The answer is often a subtle one. Despite what women the world over say their actions speak of horrid realities. Asian and African women are bleaching their skin. Iranian women are altering their noses. Black American women have long embodied the essence of and the soul of white women as a survival mechanism, and as a model for being a woman. There are women who have killed themselves because the pressure to accept 'white women domination' is contemptible and heavy upon their essence, their soul. Central American and West African women quickly learn to model their parenting styles and sense of place in the social construct of the U.S. after white women, and suffer for it over time watching their children reject more and more of their cultures to become white American citizens, or distort themselves to make white people, in general, comfortable.

Women the world over are trying to be accepted by white women, and measure their esteem against the myths about white women, and as conquered people open protest against this standard is done by women holding on to their culture and languages as best they can.

"Are white women's bodies the ideal, or affordable?"

Apparently, white women's bodies are the ideal. They have become the ideal over time. The second insinuation about affordability is worth investigating because women of other ethnic groups spend millions of dollars to create the visual illusion they are white, or could somehow be respected or mistaken for one because they thinned their waists, narrowed their nose, obsessed over what white women fuss and fret over in the media circus, and the tendency to digress into comparative studies of their men against the standard of successful white men in business!

My last thoughts are complex; not for the shallow, the faint of heart or the pretentious.

"If Mary, the mother of Jesus is white how did she become intertwined with the spirituality of women from various tribes and nations with deep connections to their wombs when the spiritual powers of white women have been held in contempt in European and white American sensibilities?

In short, how do white women measure, or stand in the esteem of the ancient and modern spirituality of other ethnic groups with deeper roots in womanhood than white culture allows?"   - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.12.16

Sports Illustrated models Samantha Hoopes. Hailey Clauson. Kelly Rohrbach. Genevieve Morton. Anastasia Ashley.

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