Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Belief in our Breath

Hadassah Richardson, author & model.

Gifts to the world come in all kinds of guises. It has to be that way. So precious is the gift of soul it merits protection by illusions to keep it from those forces housed within people who do not respect or value innocence. Many children deserve this kind of protection. Not receiving it places them at a crossroads (Elegba). One direction is hard. It is discovering self through severe hardship. The other road is addictions and the option of suicide. 
Overcoming these kinds of childhoods is a dangerous series of events and decisions in a world demanding conformity abrasive with its attendant fears. When such a feat is accomplished the world changes against its will, and people are freed in the presence of those who walked away with the light they were born with to do what they came here to do in this lifetime. Such people are magical people, healers, craftspeople who make the tools for those engrossed in their spiritual work, and the music makers who travel between the worlds of sound, color and light.
From this point on the work has clarity and power is its food. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/30/16


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