Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ass and Envy: a story.

model Tudosic's lines captured by photographer, Danny Lavega

Exaggerating the body lines and the bottom for white women is an historical piece. To unravel history is to unveil the secrets hidden from ourselves.

It was common knowledge the initial reaction and the long impact of Africa and African women upon the esteem of European women many centuries ago. Fully understanding these things we would understand how close we are to seeing mirrors within ourselves to see what we fear, lack and long for.

It is a great thing to know why we do what we do and admire and long for in each sphere of our lives.

Keeper of Stories

black dress worn by another elegant Black lady.

Above the city beneath the sky line.

Big & fine Black woman in repose.

Thick Black woman's pear-shaped body is the most common female body type.

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