Thursday, May 18, 2017

Great ART: Black Women

photographer Roland Dawson, a collage. [2016]

collage of Roland Dawson's work.

The formality of getting to know an individual far exceeds the trite statement that 'first impressions are lasting impressions' because discovery is the key unlocking what is beyond first impressions, and the drive of the energy lines each of us possess cannot be traveled upon in the first moments of meeting someone. The fascinating storytelling of real photographers with the gift of the 'eye of the spirit' takes time to develop. When it has developed where artists like Roland Dawson are concerned with telling stories with accuracy and courage; the models, the subjects come alive. It is all a far cry from the immaturity of 'selfies' and those people who think they are capturing their moments. They are not. They are limiting themselves to one dimension. Unlike artists and visionaries with cameras who explore dimensions people limiting themselves with selfies as expression and twitting as communicating they avoid the mystery, the mysteries, the mysterious explorations of the soul, the cultivation of their minds into impeccability!

I know these are profound things to talk about, but so is living a life within the dynamics of its tendency to lead toward wholeness resistant to definition. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [May 18, 2017]

photographer Roland Dawson. 3 Black women, a collage.

A dream by Roland Dawson.

collage by Roland Dawson of Black women in white.

Yaniksa Lee Robles by Roland Dawson on a train. 2017

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