Thursday, May 18, 2017

A small detail: listening.

3D creation by Equites EQ is in my estimation
"More than cool, beyond the pale of ordinary into the limitless we come from. . ."
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories

One morning she awoke to a new idea, a new day ...

"I speak for no one except Spirit and I will teach you the way of light, the way of great illumination. All you must do is listen with your heart. In a way your pain has brought you here and it is good. Without your pain you could not bear the joy that is soon to be yours. Your pain has given you a depth, a way to open your spirit.

The energy field in running water washes away any tension. It is sacred, this water, and it holds the reflection of the sky and the trees as it passes by. And it imparts the nature of life to our ceremony. . ." ~ Shakkai (p.53)


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