Tuesday, May 2, 2017

a Speak to girls about...

Melanin by Roland Dawsonof 5 women, first unnamed & Chelly Minyon Martin, Faith Coffield, Ayanna Yan'Model Best and Zaria Fortson-Linton.

"Fake hair, like the fishtail braid, have replaced the subtle depth of accomplishment growing your own hair long induces. The spiritual practice is gone. Girls have lost an aspect of spirituality. Don't even know it." - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 12.14.16  

Janice Payne modeling the "Lisa Rene" pink two-piece suit Mr. Darius Henson, he is the CEO of "Inspired Boutique" in Oakland, California. If interested, please feel free to contact Mr. Darius at 510-325-4003 or you can kindly befriend him on Facebook.com/DariusakaMrD or send him an email at: oned@sbcglobal.net and he will kindly send you his newly released catalog.

fine divine as wine.

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