Saturday, May 6, 2017

What the Womb Requires

Lady as her mysterious self

Temptation is either dark or light substances streaming through one's veins.

"If this woman spoke to my manhood, or my pride would my reply come from a sense of responsibility or the sweet weakness of surrender?" is a fundamental question to probe the spirit of a man and gauge the shields of a man for strength and weaknesses.

Shields are important to a warrior. How they are used to taste the waters of women's sexual powers is the spiritual nature of attraction and impeccability. The underside of manhood is not only dark and mysterious in lust, but a thrust into the shadows of what is not known by men who were never initiated by men who were the Elders from boy to manhood in the deepest sense of being.

This is all hard to grasp, but essential to know. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6.14.16

Photoshopped women are not telling women's stories truthfully. It is a technique opposed to authenticity. Women not objecting to minimization are telling men what many men adore: submission to an ideal not for a woman's well being! - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories (2016)


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