Monday, May 29, 2017

a Joke, a Fool in High Office.


"Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes. Man!"

He and the speech are a joke and an insult to intelligence. The thinking that changing his tone, as the big bad bully, encircled and facing the leaders of the countries he has verbally attacked, signals changes is as disrespectful of people as anything else he has done in his life on earth. It is glaringly obvious to all except for his base and those who think they benefit from alliance with him, that he cares for people, or even understands his life, the world, and his words and his beliefs are clearly understood the world over.

We, the Brothers Four and our sister, Cynthia, grew up as children of a diplomat and probably know more about international affairs and how to build relationships with people unlike us, and have a firm grasp on interpersonal relationship skills than the president. It disgusts me, this man, but Mommy and Daddy sat me down in my early life and showed me over the years how to recognize and deal with men like this. Each of us in our own time learned these skill sets from our parents.

Trump, or any other redneck, is no surprise. He is a given in the society we live in, and people of the darker hue have had to develop skills to deal with people like this throughout our long history with the dichotomies of Euro-Americans. I pray, not for the president; he is attached to his lunacy. I pray for something else that may never come to past... - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/29/17

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