Friday, May 19, 2017

Dumb without Knowing it.

"WHEN the First Amendment was inked as part of the U.S. Constitution and then came into force in 1789, I don't think those guys were thinking about Social Media. So let's quit saying Facebooking is Freedom of Speech so we can say whatever we wanna say irrelevant of common decency and "graspable" sanity. In a way that I don't think when Alex Graham Bell pursued a prototype for the telephone, I don't think he was thinking about a smartyphone or texting. So when you get flagged down and fined $200 or you hit the pine tree swinging on your dashboard because you are on your majick iPhone while driving, don't blame the law or your air freshener. Blame the excess liquid in your brain cells and your inability to use them as per what they're for. Dig?" ` Pasckie Pascua 

cell phone, jeans, a smile and thigh high boots
make for a good walk to await another phone call.

" I know exactly from where you are speaking, and speaking into.

There is a intellectual laziness in millions of people in a populace of a variety of people, who have responsibilities for other people's lives, but unattached to a mature grasp of things like the use of peripheral vision, concepts of merging, and listening within; they cause the loss of life and use of limbs running people over while exercising their freedom of speech in a moving vehicle." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [5/18/17]

cell phone obsession.

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