Sunday, May 14, 2017

an Honor to Mothers

Happy Mother's Day in Chinese is  母親節快樂 ! 

Jack Feinberg said of his wife on this day: Mother's Day: "A lot of great mom's out there, but I'm partial to the mom of my children, Yaju Feinberg. She's keeps the whole family in line and has taught me how to be a better parent and husband even though it is a very slow learning curve. Keep Your Lovelight On, Happy Mothers Day!"

It is a profound admission admitting vulnerability as a capacity to learn to be a better man. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 5/14/17  

"Sometimes one cannot find the words to correspond with, or express 'awe'. . ."
- Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 5.14.17
photo of Cosetta Chantal

breast feeding her tiny baby.

Mother Earth, Nut, the sky Goddess , arching from horizon to horizon is a child of Shu and Tefnut.

sitting quietly in park as a mother.

Emmanuela Obioma Ani. July 8, 2009.  

"Nothing is as precious as young adulthood. Protect it and guard it with wisdom, wise counsel, and the mysteries that envelope your spirit." [May 14, 2010]

"Seven years later I feel the same way. I trust you have been growing in spirit and mind!" [May 14, 2017]

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

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