Tuesday, June 20, 2017

an Older Man's musings.

Older women like Barbi Wood are not understood because they are full of sexual play, and tease. Young cats don't often get it, and women in general are afraid of aging, of dying to their youth. - Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories 6.13.17

Barbi Wood in March 2017

You look out on life, it seems, when you get some years on you, and two things come to you: "I should play more, or do more." When it is both the light seems to come our way, and it is much more access to better feelings about living we get to wade through. It can feel good if we have mastered a thing or two within ourselves...

This is what I've discovered and what came to me looking at the way your eyes look out. "Ain't life grand?" the old folks used to say. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (June 13, 2017)  

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