Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Raising Awareness

There is a profound likeness to simplicity the way a woman tosses her hair, suggestively hikes her dress just enough and allows a peek into the possibilities of knowing her as a spiritual being touched by the creativity of sensuality. It addresses manhood. It is with assured confidence an acknowledgement of the dynamics coming together as one with a profound likeness to the divinity of a spirit in a body charged by sexual energies. The dark side of it all is religion.

Religion plays a role denying this necessity.

In American culture denying the deep influence of the Puritan ethic is popular, but not truthful. Being an atheist does not excuse this reality from the culture, or their own behavior. This influence is deeply entrenched in people's sexual conduct, and sexual exploits and the pursuit of happiness in bed! What atheists may reach for is the unknowable beyond the conflicts of trade, and religion that has circumvented relationships and made God seem foul!

It is the same thing spiritual people are absorbed in: the Unknowable. The language between the two polar opposites comes together in the divinity of sex. The language most important to the dynamic of sex between a man and a woman is the substance of belief in God, and the deniability of religion. The other substance is the simple way all souls connect with the Unknowable Unknown and ascend beyond the physical restraints of a body into the universal darkness of light: enlightenment.

Gregory E.Woods, Keeper of Stories
June 26, 2016

raising her skirt, Julia says . . .


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