Saturday, June 3, 2017

in the Spirit of Breath

breathtaking beauty

Substance of One

Breathtaking is a way of stating what isn't obvious about a moment, a person, or it is the expression of intangible creature's magic to capture the breath of the heart in a delicate moment. The term comes from the heart. Words form in the heart and moments of breathlessness can only last as long as the body can go without breath. But, understand breath is spirit. Nothing lives without spirit so what stops the heart freezing the moment the sight of a beautiful woman?

Sacred Symbol unconsciously held by Gracie Glam
Substance of Two
Suggesting a woman opens her legs to invite a man to eat her, or lust wanting her beyond his endurance, or she needs to bone a man senseless out of a basic instinct is to say women are sexual creatures and men are in their role wanting to be inside the woman who deemed him worthy of sexual intercourse.
Women chose men. It doesn't feel like it from our perspective. Only from the a glance backward are we aware we were chosen and baited. Women don't need the recognition for this skill. Their needs are deep needs.
Even a whore has needs. She needs to make money, feel worthwhile, satisfy her pimp if she has one or simply fuck for the sake of a good one. Some women take a man inside her to undo his energy lines and deflate his masculine energy into something she can use with contempt and spoil with dark sorcery he is unprepared to handle.

At a far deeper level of capacity there are the Sacred Women whose wombs can birth a man's Sacred Dream into substance. It is an ability, more a responsible woman's obligation as a daughter of Eve, who stabilized Adam transforming from the ethereal qualities good for living in Eden into the form required to live on Earth, our Mother. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (6.27.16)

Medicine woman Iya V preparing for ceremonies at the Oshun garden

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