Friday, June 23, 2017

Story of a Man: Jim Vance

Jim Vance, news anchor based in Washington DC.
One of the solid men of the city at the showing of the mural at
Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC, June 2017.

For a lot of Black men in Washington DC, Jim Vance has been looked up to for some unobvious reasons. He held his authority as a man, for starters! He is the direct descendent of the difference between being powerful, and having authority, and the how to be both was in his demeanor. 

A lot of cats stopped him in the streets to get a sense of how he overcame his addictions, and with a depth of feel to his way of assuring pain, he would easily probe with a story or two into what made the weak man before him wince with how truthful it is be a vulnerable in the public eye, and in private. 

He was respected during the controversy around Mayor Marion Barry's time period under fire in jail. Of all the journalists we watched Jim Vance. He never open his mouth to join the critiquing, and tearing down of the mayor-for-life! We looked in his eyes, probed deep into his demeanor and knew this man had substance worth talking about, and emulating. He modeled manhood for those who did not grow up with the examples; for men raised by women something drew their attention to the men around them raised by men, and saw the sharp contrasts without shame. Vance made something of himself, with his flaws, and shortcomings, to learn from himself, and share easily with others. 

In his presence, the lessons he learned he gave as Medicine gifts to the needy, those curious about themselves, and for those discovering ways around the deeper hindrances to fullness he made the impossibility of the odds against them surmountable! - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6/23/17  

Evil Overcomed.

"Restoration of the soul is more important. Success is tangible evidence of triumph by the work of the hands. It is the spirit of a man detractors are closely looking at. They want to see the shards their words left within you. What they cannot feed upon, or refute is a restored soul once busted, a character strengthened by Spirit!

That defeats an enemy." - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 6/23/17

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