Thursday, June 22, 2017

CALL: a Challenge to a Standard.

If your ready for your true colors to shine through and aren't afraid to let them show... Let us know...

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography is searching for women to "Bare It All"

If you are interested in being considered to be part of an empowering experience and the "BARE IT ALL: SKIN" project, please answer this short questionnaire

black woman embraced by white woman. photograph by For Your Eyes Boudoir. June 2017.
from the BARE IT ALL SKIN project.

"BARE IT ALL: SKIN" - Project Shoot Date - July 23

Beauty is diverse and more than skin deep. Do you feel the color of skin has made you stand out? Do you have a story to tell?

We are looking for women with all skin types, all colors and all nationalities. Women with pale skin to dark skin. Women with freckles for days or a large birthmark, even women with rare skin features like Vitiligo and Albinis.

**Photo shared as an example of the type of poses/images that might inspire the project. Not the work of For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography.

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