Thursday, June 8, 2017

What We See Within Each Other

Karen York, like many older women have allure, a history and a conception of beauty, self, and their sensuality that baffles men of their choosing, or holds men at bay in their resolution to be faithful, or brings to the forefront a torrent of ideas and thoughts about how aging transform. It is a question to existence all a woman embraces. In her presence men attracted to her spirit find mortality and think they will be remembered, or see themselves in the scope of the reason balance is important within the primary elements of Creation!

How women can transform before a man from an object of lust to an introduction to self-knowledge is of fundamental importance. This equation of spirit and body isn't a trickster moving amongst one's conscience with stealth. It is the philosophical musings mortality stimulates within the bodies of our soul, and our spirit.

We crave to remember our connections to the deeper mysteries that move us towards each other. That is what attraction is to us all.  - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (6.11.16)

Karen York
June 8, 2016 


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