Tuesday, June 13, 2017


A Story from Blood

Engulfed in the glory, the magnificence of having sex with a variety of women many a boy becoming a man, and many a man has lost himself inside the designs of a conjurer woman well versed in the dark arts. They are pounding away, their 'manhood' swirling inside women with abandon feeling entitled to something intangible that feels so good! She needn't be an advanced witch. She need only be taught by a bitter aunt, an angry woman how to turn her womb into a pit devouring men's essence out of spite and rage he may not have even created!

I was warned. I have warned others, but so far-fetched is the notion some snicker and don't adhere to the warning insights or the evidence seems preposterous. In modern times such a thing is right out of the movies and suspecting foul play within the fold of a woman's legs, or the taste of her juices cannot be possible in the availability of light arising from her punany moist with her intoxicating aroma. But, there are men creating the rage within women and some women learn on purpose how to turn their punany into a devouring force, or their hurt, their humiliation from a man's callous handling of her 'precious' soul creates the aroma of bitterness never meant to harm, but harm it does the essence of the next men inside her body.

The question a man needs to ask himself when overwhelmed by need and lust: "Are you wise, or weakened by lust uncaring?" has to come from his sense of being a father and a husband. I am talking about the essence of fatherhood. A man needs to know his children live within him before conception. I am also talking about the essence of a man that needs to protect women, and become a husband.

How a man's manhood is defined is the outcome is the riddle here. You see, being penetrated has powers the power of penetration does not have.

As a word of caution study yourself to know yourself, and study what elements and essences can balance you the way you study the mysterious things outside yourself you may feel compelled to refer to as God. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 7.26.16  


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