Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Father to son: spiritual work

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Sophie Chaudhary 

"It takes intelligence to live without the woman you need. Emotional intelligence over time develops the inner man who cannot, in this lifetime, cannot compete with her inner dialogue that fights within herself against herself if that is in the woman your heart loves to love! There are women meant for a man. Not to stroke expectation young man let me clarify something. The response attraction ignites light in the black of night that shows during the length of its life what is in the darkness. A match struck in the dark peels the dark back and the room is seen. See it quickly and remember it because you don't know if the next attempt the match will work.

That being said it is the same with women in our lives. As man a variety of types will be attracted to you and if it is your gift, or a skill developed within you the discernment necessary for relationships with women will illuminate each exchange. When it does you might be able to see the 'intended' form of a woman and know why she was born. The need for a teacher, or a father is important for young men in this arena. Sons need their fathers for the view the father has and the responsibility the father has to help his son separate who 'she' was born to be and is in the present.

In their upbringing women receive stories sometimes that fight against the obvious nature of their natural state of being. These stories can, and do have the capacity to resist developing the woman you've chosen beyond the primary forces of her being because anything more terrifies the debilitating stories her families told her so many years ago.

Now, know this: tragedy does not have to follow the life forces of the women you pull close to you. It could be you! It is important to understand the role of esoteric knowledge in respect to women, pussy, and the laws governing the forces that pull man to woman. What is the belief outweighing the joy of loving? What is the illumination chasing darkness from the soul? What is the soul, the essence of love and its capacity to embolden weakness to become strong and strength to take risks? There are many things a woman can teach a man's manhood, and many things she will unlearn and multiple into the perceptions of existence and knowing. When are magical to men. Together, father to son, we can learn new things about the strongest force on the planet! It never ends the learning in relationships with women!" - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9/11/14

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