Thursday, August 4, 2016

Study of Beauty is the study of Self

Joan Collins' deep embedded beauty is grace.

Studying deeper aspects of beauty inevitably led me to research the soul of development and as time has passed through and by me I notice a missing link in the development of beauty in young women and the development of women to be beautiful. I've said it before and said it different ways by implication or directly, but today beauty is emphasized in the face. What I mean is the face has become a focal point that lacks merit, expresses fear and denies fundamental truths previous generations of women employed or learned to enhance life for themselves, and unknowingly for others. I can pick any number of models, or regular women under 30, or ten years older and show you the contrast of intent.

Jade Amber is a young white model photographed by Adam King, whose work I like to think about because Adam White distorts (photoshops) young women's features face first. He doesn't, can't or won't take the story of their faces on any journey. He like many of his contemporaries removes the dimensions from women's faces. In his work their bodies somehow don't have the compliments or give feedback to the life they lived as their lives and bodies aged, and developed into an ideal. In one dimension of mystical thought the ideals of beauty are separate from the depths of beauty, or they merge and become one, or they judge each other. The interesting thing is the judgment doesn't come from the ideal, or the beauty of the ideal. Judgment comes from the observer.

The fears of dying and encroaching age align themselves with what is unknown about the third stage of every woman's life design. Of course, it is an option to become an Old Wise Woman, but women not groomed, or fashioned as they were created to live for each stage of the triangle cannot unveil the secrets they are born with; nor come to know the beauty secrets not for sale if Elders don't initiate and teach them!

It is a mysterious thing being a woman. It is a mysterious thing being a man. The deeper links between the essence of both men and women is the dependence of each upon the other to discover what is within themselves, and outside of the bondage of convention and ideals unrelated to the science and art of living deeply. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 9.15.14

Jade Amber

elegant woman, Joan Collins 

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