Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are We Enough?

Polish Playmate Marta and a woman playing, or pretending for the camera to be a conservative secretary from Czech Republic who calls herself Lucy Nova is asking a series of questions, or am I and any other thinking man imposing those questions upon them? There is Carmen Gemini. Carmen Gemini is a red head vixen. Probably a bit too much to handle. But, is she for real within herself in her poses for the camera, or after viewing her photo shoot do those questions come from a sense of feeling a bit sneaky? After all, as children most of a woman's body was forbidden to the naked eye by the discretion of a lady in my day. Have those high standards stopped being passed down to girls, and now a quaint memory are those proper attitudes out of style replaced by voyeurism? Are sexually stimulating photographs of women now essential for a working woman's portfolio in certain professions? Or has this side of life always existed?

Falling off the high precipice of ideals is a long fall. But, if that fall is part of a maturation process is it sin, or necessary? Lola in pink against her brown skin as viewed by a young man will instantaneously tear down every good teaching he held dear to the ideal his parents and religion may have given to him as a boy. Such is the power of a woman, or is that the weakness of a man? Such is the power of a woman undressing before a young man foreign to the complexities of sexual arousal and his basic and primitive need to be inside of a woman's body and soul!

Sexual awakening has been hampered over the centuries in Western ideologies and practices to the point it has created a type of suppression strong enough to cripple high morals and develop a psychopath, a killer and a braggart in a rapist. It created a masculine need for rape, and a taste for taking from others. How that is possible is developed alongside a sense of righteousness and a deeply ingrained sense within many, if not most men of being superior to women by rank and the Word of God! As a man living in the world from this sense of place there is the power of bearing weight, and dominance over Nature. A lack of intimacy with the process of copulation, care of the soul, birth, or an intimate relationship with the Earth, our Mother is a processing mechanism with no responsibility towards the female, her body, or the soul of the women whose essence is related to and in alignment with the Moon, the terrestrial elements of Creation and the waters that feed life into man and woman alike. A boy can become a dangerous man easily in this type of climate. This climate can turn a boy into his mother's worst nightmare in moments, or months. Is there a way to reverse the trend, the tendency? Yes, there is.

 Gregory E. Woods,
Keeper of Stories

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