Sunday, September 18, 2016

Languages heard by Soul (6)

Question of the Day: "Why do so many people (not all) in the church shout on style and remain silent on substance?" (Let's have some dialogue and please no one word answers because a one word answer isn't dialogue. Please check your grammar and spelling. Can't have a healthy dialogue with poor English). ~ Rev. Sinclair Grey III June 26, 2016  


Well, the expected responses came ranging from "Please explain a little more I would hate to assume. I wanted to be sure I understood it right. Clarity is important I don't think I know everything." to "People Are Focus On The Man Or Woman But Should Be Focused On The Message Which Is Why I Preach In My Robe!!! It Is A Covering Because I Want The People To Focus On The Word And See God, Rather Than Focusing On My New Suit! Or New Shoes!!! 

Also, In Preaching You Have An Introduction, Three Leading Points And The Conclusion. The Three Points Should Be Driven So That They Let The Unsaved Know They Need Jesus!!! Be Blessed!!!"  

It is confusing, Sinclair listening to the ramblings of yet another set of Christians not answering the question asked. Your question requires scholarship. I can contribute a little something to this discussion.
The history of the church from Europe in relationship to the feudal system is fundamental to understanding the riff between intelligence and religion. Even though the Axial Period in world history produced dynamic spiritual revelations in various parts of the world during a period of centuries, the European found a way through their consciousness to turn an African perception of God into a white one.
Being a culture where the acquisition of things fueled their version of progress the European ideology separated literacy from the public making it a reserved right of royalty. and the priesthood and decreed there was virtue in poverty and illiteracy. This left a cold vacuity that translated itself into American concepts none of which I will list here because that may suffice as an answer, and I may have isolated some because this connects Black Christians to the tragedies of their faith as this history has played out too many times to record in daily life. 
Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 
June 28, 2016  


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