Thursday, September 15, 2016

feel of faith


“How ignorant are those who see, without question, the abstract existence with some of their senses, but insist upon doubting until that existence reveals itself to all their senses. Is not faith the sense of the heart as truly as sight is the sense of the eye? And how narrow is the one who hears the song of the blackbird and sees it hovering above the branches, but doubts that which he has seen and heard until he seizes the bird with his hands. Were not a portion of his senses sufficient? How strange is the one who dreams in truth of a beautiful reality, and then, when he endeavours to fashion it into form but cannot succeed, doubts the dream and blasphemes the reality and distrust the beauty! - Kahlil Gibran 

Singer Rihanna April 24, 2013
from gallery of  Ra Intwy Damaleya

African facing the present 

face of a dark skinned beauty 

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