Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh, God she is beautiful!!

Kellita Smith's playful beauty

Dame Helen Mirren, thoughts of

Adriana Torrebejano with her shot gun

You can compare beauty and pit one type of beautiful woman against another to say this one is more beautiful than that one over there if it is a competition. But, the impossibility of the game is the inevitable drop into despair learning how you've minimized the largeness of Life by measuring. Each era like each life needs beauty to exceed the limits of limitations. For each generation one woman's beauty may touch a cord, or plant a seed of some sort the times need, or there may be a style or type of beauty needed to start a revolution of thought or change a paradigm into what a society needs.

Apparently, we need to watch beautiful women. But, to know Beauty as a She is to know something about one's essence. The She of Beauty acknowledges there is a God and there is a Goddess. Beautiful women allow the possibility of right action to take force over wrong action in the context of lust and desire, need and want. Beauty can mask pain. Beauty can create and beauty can know without partiality how to be herself within each soul born of beauty and magic and potential. It isn't only the flesh. It is the soul, the essence of a woman that says, "I am beautiful to look at and be around!" In the soul is the story Creation comes from and the now is its own beauty. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories (Sept. 4, 2015)

Black model, Fotolia

Bridget Moynahan's pretty legs

Brigitte Bardot On the set of Les Femmes, 1969 !!!!


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