Wednesday, September 21, 2016


older Black woman naked in the wind

"There is something glorious about a woman's body that transcends every limitation placed upon the perception of a woman's body upon the senses. This has everything to do with a man's manhood. A woman's naked body explodes upon the canvas of complex reasoning and unfettered imaginations that sees the possibilities a woman's nakedness explores within the thoughts of her admirers, and those who crave the touch of her body. Culturally held morality stations sentries throughout our bodies, our essence, our sense of being connected to something beyond what we touch, and within the grasp of what we feed upon and feel is attainable in a woman's soul. Her naked body dares us to either transcend or disregard the taboos.

Woman's nudity is powerful. It is a powerful way to attract and express many things in anger, mysteriously, or it is simple prayers whispered in the hallowed chambers of the hearts we have within our bodies that love and embrace all aspects of Beauty. A woman's nakedness storms into the sensors within a man's body and releases the common holdings of crudeness many times and for a segment of men awash with prayers and supplication the face and the hand of God is touched from the inside outside of self. A naked woman is a wonderful concept to physically hold and embrace lovingly conscious of the higher dimensions of the mysterious workings within the who of her powers, and the why of her existence." 

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 

old woman over 70

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