Friday, March 17, 2017

Arms up!

Esta preciosa tu modelo. 

oil painting by T. Kelly undecided 8x12 inch

Older woman as Art 4. photographer unnamed.

photographer, Mila Reynaud for Glamorama Studio of Janet Fischietto.

InkSpired magazine model, Inked Lady (2016).

Honey covered woman by Blake Little.

The question was did Jesus save your soul? Yes or no. I had to answer the group saying, "No."

I walked the Jesus Road different because my soul didn't need saving. It needed to find a way to continue living within the mysteries, the magic I was born into. All children are born into magical atmospheres. It where we all come from. I know my answer is too esoteric, but in this venue I won't explain what is beyond expectation. I just needed in this moment to see what it looked like written down. But, I also wanted to express in this medium what is easy for me say in person that there is no child born into sin. From living deep as a child and later initiated into manhood ceremoniously, and studying the Bible it became impossible to live under the weight of such an assertion! I discovered low self-esteem associates its energies with belief in being born a sinner in most people. It became abundantly clear working with the lives of people at the bottom of society. But, the whole notion of not believing in the fundamentals of sin aligned with the creation of mankind debunks believer's structure leaving them naked without a place to stand.  . . - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories [2/16/17]

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