Monday, March 20, 2017

Riddle with Truth

There is a sneaky quality to white women like Ana here, who shows a sliding side of seduction that alleviates the pain of crossing the color line for the tangible results of good relationship, good sex and good times. For many this is a paradox because the American anthem seems to say we are equal, but the consequences of interracial marriage with whites is hard. Not only because the culture is based on race division, but because the 'purity' of white blended with the genius of the African blood is a mixture of the conqueror and conquered! 

Popular culture loves to shove its head into the proverbial sand straining to believe its own myths are stable and true and refute that, but they don't matter. The truth is the painful truth. 

We need a revival of the truth. We already know from our personal lives how frightening our truths are, so why can we not evolve to the national level after our own personal transformations, if we make them, and transform at the national level? The international level will take care of itself because change spirals outward, and our global position affects the world.

Imagine it. Imagine how powerful we would be if transformation was the guiding light, the objective of keeping the world's people in good health with comfortable lives at the center of American foreign policy?

If we lived this deep how deep do we need to plunge within our own souls to generate this type of energies?

~ Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories 11.20.16 

Baiting with a look.

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