Friday, March 10, 2017

INKED chicks' story.

Miss Luna Bella, tattoo artist, from Columbia, South Carolina with a thing for Marilyn Monroe.

Myself in a sentence: I am a Bubbly, Blonde bombshell, Makeup Artist, Tattoo Addict
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Hometown: Columbia, SC

The design and themes of my tattoos: I have different themes. Some Neo-traditional, realism, watercolor, traditional.

More specifics about my tattoo: I have alot of tattoos, my boyfriend owns a studio here in South Carolina so the past 3 years I have had a lot of the artist at Skin Deep Tattoo tattoo me. People assume since my boyfriend owns studio that he's done all of them or I just get them from his place but it's about the artists work. I have had alot done by artist at Skin Deep but had work done other places too before we were together, he had an then apprentice move and now at different studio I went there for my Queen Bee tattoo because I liked his girls he drew so I wanted him to do that one for sure. I like several artist and don't want the same artist doing all my work because each artist brings something different to the table.

My favorite tattoo and the story behind it: My most recent tattoo is definitely one of my favorites even though I think of all of them as my favorite because they all have a story behind them. I got a watercolor Marilyn Monroe. I am a huge Marilyn fan & wanted a portrait of her forever, the watercolor goes very well with the rest of my almost completed sleeve. It's what I call my makeup arm.

My next tattoo: My next tattoo...hmmm haven't really thought about it really. I have 2 tattoos I need to get finished when I can make time to get back in. I have a beautiful Queen Bee tattoo on my thigh I need to get completed, a pretty girl with the famous 50 's Beehive hair do and she's wearing a crown & has honey comb pieces going through background.

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