Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Do I Don't I.

Redheaded Goddesses 
red haired woman's subtle beauty of face and eyes captured by a master photographer, alexander mihailov

John Leonard, a retired man That can be a problem.. I married a beautiful woman once, and every time I left her alone for a minute, the men where round her like flies, ... but I knew it was me she loved so really I didn't mind too much..

Jenn Lawson said,

Men can't help flirting with unavailable women; it's the challenge they like. It's also testing her loyalty...they just might be able to 'tap' that at least once. When they realize they can't, it pisses them off

I said, Jenn Lawson, well said. Men like that are a danger to those who spurned them.

Well, John that is an expected reality. The depth of the relationship, the man and the woman are determinatives in an unknown. It is a complex math attraction, loyalty, love and commitment. The equation is based in integrity and strength of character, will and the dream of who one is in their lifetime. .. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories

a Black man's dream come to light by Patina Edochié



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