Friday, March 3, 2017

A Prayer: atonement

a prayer by Dennis Binns

Great Spirit, Almighty Healer and Creator of all things, we united together with humbled hearts to offer up many thanks. We thank you for the rising of Grandfather Sun as he lights up our path. We thank you for Grandmother Moon as she watches over us during our slumber. We thank you for Father Sky that protects us each day and night. We thank you for Mother Earth that supplies us with all that we ...need to survive. We thank you for the gift of life that you have breathed in to every living thing. We thank you for life in nature, from the moisture in the soil that flows through the roots, up through the stem and to the veins of each leaf and petal. We thank you for the knowledge that water is the life blood of nature. We thank you for the many blessings and gifts you have given us. We thank you for the mystery that surrounds us in the very expanse of the Universe.

We have allowed materialistic greed, lust of power, and money to control us. We ask for your forgiveness and guidance toward returning to a time where we were better caretakers of your creation. We have polluted and marred the lands, waters and sky and have brought destruction to the rainforests. We ask for a return to an era of peace where all people are truly equal and we are able to use the gifts provided to bring back balance to a world that is destroying itself. We ask for a time where all indigenous people begin to rise up and peacefully teach others the way of the Spirit. We ask for protection for our animal brothers and sisters that are facing grave danger from men that have lost all understanding and love of life. We ask for protection for the women and children that continue to suffer through violence and abuse. We ask for strength, guidance and courage as we stand against those that would continue to destroy the lands, waters and skies above. We ask for honor and integrity to enter into the halls of our governments, so they may finally serve the will of the people rather than themselves. We ask for an end to the division that continues to keep your people from uniting and fulfilling prophecies shown to them. We ask for the release of all of your children that have been incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. We ask for a time for boys to become men with responsibility, and become real fathers to the children they have sired. We ask for strength, guidance and peace for all single mothers struggling to make it in this world. We ask for hardened hearts to soften and compassion be used to help the poor, homeless, widows and all that are in need.

We thank you for our many trials as they bring strength to our spirits. We thank you for our Elders as they bring us the instruction and wisdom needed to follow our path. We thank you for our children that will build upon the foundation we have set before them. We thank you for our relations that interact with us each day to give us insight in areas of misunderstanding. We thank you for our family and friends that give us the support we need along our journey. We thank you for the answering of our prayers. Emenv

Indian Mixed Blood Medicine Circle

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