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One of the great problems of our community is that we and our children are often kept in the dark on the ugly history of this nation.  We are not led to understand the intricacies of slavery, how it came to be, and how choices made 300 years ago create the world in which we live.
Most importantly, we don't understand how much of slavery, oppression, Jim Crow and racial terror was driven by hard, cold economics.  In fact, if most black people were aware how many trillions of dollars were stolen from our people, the reparations debate would be over. 
To help with this issue, I've put together a lecture series in called "The Economics of Slavery."  This program consists of a set of recorded lectures I've given on Black Economic History and how all of this ties into the world in which we live together. 
The book I use for this lecture series is "Black Labor, White Wealth," by Dr Claud Anderson.  This book should be required reading for every black child in America.  
This is a course for anyone who wants to have a raw and authentic analysis of America's racial past, the economic incentives for the creation of this past, and how these factors often influence our lives today.  Right now, the program consists of a 7-lecture sequence, but I am going to continue to add recordings to the vault that you can view at your discretion.  
The material is self-paced and pre-recorded, and comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.  
You can sign up for the program at a discounted price of $69.99 by using this link.  The price will go up very soon, so you may want to take advantage of this opportunity now. 
I created this program because I truly believe, at the bottom of my heart, that we've been lied to for 400 years.  My lectures are designed to tell you the truth.  
Feb. 27, 2017  

The Souls of Black Folk is a groundbreaking early work of sociology, published in 1903, and advocates for black education, voting rights and other civil rights while capturing the state of affairs and of debate at the time.


An expansive, lavishly illustrated history of the variegated black experience in America, Life Upon These Shores has a wide scope but is rooted in specificity through hundreds of photos and careful scholarship.


Little Brown and Company
You can call it current events or history in the making, but Wesley Lowery, a Washington Post reporter who has been covering police brutality and Black Lives Matter, brings together the results of his reporting - both political and personal.

University of North Carolina Press
In an extensive oral history, E. Patrick Johnson tells the stories of black gay men who have made their homes in the South.

Myra A. Jolivet author of Pushed Times, Chewing Pepper, a murder mystery series

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