Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN: rednecks, Kellyanne & Jim Crow!

1956. Segregated bus in Texas.

The Hill is a legitimate newspaper easily found here in Washington DC. It comes off the press out of the Capital daily and is one of the news sources we trust here in the District named after Christopher Columbus. On Monday, the 27th of February a photo of senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway perched on a couch in the Oval Office while President Trump met with leaders of historically black universities and colleges was published. She was wearing a short skirt, heels, her slim legs tugged under her with just enough gap between her legs to leave open speculation as she took a photo of the group of distinguished Black men. At the center of this is the president, the sole white man. If ever there was a picture of our country's recent past under Jim Crow this is it!

There was not a single Black man in that room that didn't tense. I did not need to be in that room. Wouldn't have been good for Kellyanne Conway. My wife and most Black wives would have in the name of protecting their men kicked her hind parts into the next week! Black women to this day know how white women can and have deceptively set Black men up for falls that lead to their deaths, the loss of jobs, prestige, position and good standing with the white community. All it would have took was for her to say someone looked up my dress! It is an insider knowledge white people historically pretend to be unaware of and remain silent if they suspect foul play at work.

Playing with sexual energies putting on a front of playfulness, and playing at the game of
"Glad you're here! Let's get along! Come on, guys lets' get round up and take a photo with the president!" she made a show of sitting down backwards to tuck her legs and feet under her body as her dress rose just a bit, just enough for the spread of the legs to insinuate, and release the faint smell of her womanhood into the room to tempt and tease. It was a bitter reaction one can easily assume those men held within as the White House photographer was taking pictures, and the Secret Service near by were feeling the pulse of the room. Now, these were dignified, seasoned, educated Black men with far more depth and integrity than she gave respect for and these men were all old enough to have lived through Jim Crow and those from the South will never discuss this the way I am after enduring what their wives will say in judgment and in some cases rage!

The finger of accusation points to the white Americans in this national game playing around with the facts of how the assumptions of white supremacy, of race politics, of how the collective reaction to bite and sabotage their own democracy are not being honest and that the failure to call the texture of President Affront's presidency what it really is: the rise of the Old South; is the bane of our existence! Blame also goes to Black people in general, and in particular our used to be leaders, and our so-called leaders from church to government, who are afraid in their silence to do what they are capable of, and equipped to do: tell the truth and do something about it!

As this Redneck president solidifies the positioning of Klansmen, a Leninist, hardcore self-serving business men to undo what protects the country, our industries, the land and what integrity the country has built there is a disturbing declaration of people in the press and those interviewed by the press expressing fears as a reaction to the White House escapades. Teko Alejo points this out much better than I saying, “The mainstream media vs Trump is like the CIA against the KKK.  My enemy’s enemy is not always my friend.  The sad thing is many liberals are defending the mainstream press as if they were the guardians of freedom and information, when in reality it has been responsible for social engineering, the promotion of US imperialism, disinformation, and militarism around the world as a whole.”

Under this regime we are supposed to as a nation suspend ourselves in a state of fear as if 9/11 just happened, and involve ourselves in the white backlash against Muslims and Central Americans and First Nations people? Are we First Nations people and Black American citizens supposed to get lost in the deep fears white Americans have always held, and hold them unaccountable for the irreversible position this manifestation of cultural beliefs has bound the nation into a weak global position?

Since Khrushchev in the 1950's said the United States will be defeated without a fight but from within I have wondered how it could happen. Now, in the midst of it, I know.

Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories
Feb. 28, 2017

Kellyanne Conway perched on a couch in the Oval Office while
President Trump meets with leaders of historically black universities and colleges.

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